SunPack Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has a team of trained and experienced service engineers to cater to a wide database of installations and routine back-up service. SunPack Solutions Pvt. Ltd. makes a special team of service personnel available to cater to more complex assignments of installations and commissioning, retro-fitment jobs and service supports.

The expertise available in the service team is also utilized for trial management at the factory for critical application machines and tested thoroughly as per the client’s requirements before the dispatch.

We have expert engineers for different regions like Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Cochin, Bengaluru, Ahmadabad, Indore and other parts of India. For immediate overseas calls we have service engineers at CIS, Russia & SAARC. For in-time spares availability, we have distributors across the country & overseas.

All the service personnel are centrally trained in technology aspects of machines / product range. The service and spares team also contributes by giving valuable quality feedback to the design department. This feedback assists the design department in upgrading the technology to optimise consumption pattern of spares & consumables.

Moreover, we organize workshops/seminars to train customers on a particular technology or sector.

SunPack Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has always considered its customers as the partners in its growth. The service and spares team take intense efforts to keep our partners satisfied.

Genuine Spare Parts

At SunPack Solutions Pvt. Ltd, we value your investment in world class machines & its protection in long run. One way of ensuring maximum protection will be through maximizing life of machines by using genuine spare parts.

Spare parts supplied by SunPack Solutions Pvt. Ltd. are specifically designed for the particular machines configuration. Spare parts are tested and verified for safe use on our machines. Spare parts are offered with applicable warranty.

Our continuous endeavour towards attainment of excellence and seeking of new technologies and quality-centric processes gives us the strength to make commitments that others cannot match.